PixieClash is here! Get ready to enter the battle!

Announcements, Esport / 05 - Apr - 17

Hey there guys, Our 3rd theme is finally here! After a few of our announcements for this theme, it has been successfully approved by Envato! This means it’s ready for action and it’s available for sale for a price of $59 USD.  The theme itself is based for tournament organizers & organizations. It is a […]

PixieBolt Huge Update 1.2.0.

Announcements / 06 - Mar - 17

W’sup people! We’re here today to announce a new massive update for PixieBolt. This is the first time we did this big of an update for a theme, so we wanted to highlight it here and over our social media. As you know PixieBolt came out 13th of February and till now it has an […]

100 sales is here!

Announcements, Fun facts / 21 - Feb - 17

Sup there guys, Not long ago, to be exact to months ago, we gained our first smaller milestone, 10 sales, well today we’re celebrating yet another… 100 SALES! So far so good, it is an amazing journey being an author for ThemeForest, working together as a team, truly inspiring each day! Lets talk about facts […]

PixieBolt is here, with thunder is striking in its path!

Announcements, Esport / 13 - Feb - 17

Roar, clap, crash… BLAST! PixieBolt is here guys! The expected & promised theme from us is finally here! We are very proud to announce this fact, as this is our second theme on ThemeForest, our first ‘bigger’ theme for eSports teams/ organizations, gaming websites. The theme is consisted out of the following main features: Fully […]

Author level 3 within a month of being on ThemeForest!

Announcements, Fun facts / 11 - Jan - 17

Hey there again, no funny introductions this time, just kidding.. how’s it going our dear Pixies?   Yes, you’ve read it. We are proud to say that we have earned author level 3 ( selling more than $1000 on ThemeForest ) only after a month of being on ThemeForest. It’s amazing, we know! Firstly we […]

End of the year, new beginnings!

Announcements, Fun facts / 30 - Dec - 16

Hey there fellow guests, gamers, esport fans, customers and the rest of you reading this on your screens… This year was amazing for us at PixieSquad.com, because we’ve started to do something new in our life, taking up new responsibilities, new obligations, but as well a new ADVENTURE, which is providing high quality gaming/esport themes […]

Our first 10 sales in 7 days! Hooooray!

Announcements, Fun facts / 10 - Dec - 16

Yes, yes, yes.. you’ve read right..! Our first 10 sales, with only one theme, within only 7 days… From all of us here, at PixieSquad.com, we’re so grateful for the support and cheers you’ve gave us. One week after our theme was published, we have already met some new amazing people ( customers, other authors.. […]

Second artwork presentation on Behance! PixieHype Gaming WordPress Theme

Uncategorized / 05 - Dec - 16

Hey there y’all, As you know, we’ve been working hard lately, trying to provide you guys with a new super cool gaming theme! Well, we’ve did it, our theme was successfully approved by Envato on December 2nd. However today’s topic is a bit different, we have posted the case study & presentation for the PixieHype […]

PixieHype is here! Gaming WordPress Theme

Announcements, Esport, Games / 04 - Dec - 16

Greetings dear Gamers, eSport Fans, Viewers, Ladies and Gentlemen! Today we’re writing to you, with great joy in our hearts, we have succeed to get our first gaming theme published. Yes, you read that correctly. It’s now available on ThemeForest for only $29, the best possible solution for eSport/Gamers. The theme holds many customizations from […]

A little story about us

Uncategorized / 02 - Oct - 16

We are a team based in Belgrade, Serbia. Currently we are consisted out of two UI / UX designers, one frontend developer, one backend developer. From playing Nintendo, action and shooter games we have always wanted to achieve somehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pqHrvDgV__Ything in the big wild gaming world. Now in the modern age, the gaming world is to […]

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